It's not just a job for me.

find out who I am, how I work and why I care

Hey! I am Renata. I've been photographing since I was 10. Yes, really long time ago, when my parents bathroom was my red room where I developed film and created my first photos. Whom I should be grateful for introducing me to photography? First of all – for my brother, who gave me the basics of film camera. For my Mom and Dad (my angel guard in a Heaven), who bought me my first film camera "Smena" and everything needed for photo making - red light, developers, fixers, tanks, reels and much more, and for letting me to transfer the family bathroom into a red room! For my friends – for their patience, posing and boosting me up when I just started a photography business a decade ago. And finally, the biggest Thank You for my family - my partner and my daughters – for waiting with a hot dinner, for the love in their eyes, for their patience when they hear the same old story again and again – "I'll be right back, just a couple more shots".

Want to have pictures ?- I'm looking forward to your letters and am open to offers.

Have any ideas?- Let's share them and we might convert ideas into actions.

Have no ideas?- Contact anyway, together we'll come up with something.

Have a camera-phobia ? Let's try to cure it together!